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    We create telemarketing programs to increase circulation for newspapers of ALL sizes.
    Big and small, we do them all!
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    We specialize in Newspaper Telemarketing.
    All programs are personalized to your newspaper's needs.
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    We pride our success on the knowledge and
    experience of our newspaper telemarketing.

We are Impact Marketing

Welcome to NewspaperTelemarketing.com, also known as Impact Marketing. Our company is comprised of Newspaper Retention Specialists. We have extensive experience working with such companies as the New York Times Company, the Hearst Corporation, CNHI, Dix Communications, Freedom Communications, Gannett, Sun Times Media, Schurz Communications, Media News Group, Lee Enterprises and more.

Since the late eighties we have set up, managed and operated call centers for newspapers nationwide. Our expertise offers creative solutions to challenging circulation problems, and our experience is eager to turn potential into action by creating turn-key, innovative solutions that will instantly increase your circulation and reduce churn.

We build on strengths and coach on achievement by using a wide variety of consumer-benefit based training methods. We effectively and continually evaluate functions and activities to achieve and surpass set goals. When selling your paper, we emphasis the customer benefits, using service and content to overcome price objections, which in turn, leads to better retention and stronger circulation.


We create telemarketing programs to increase circulation for newspaper of ALL sizes. Big and small, we do them all!  From the standard cold call campaigns to hybrid or stop savers/new mover calling. We have 100% prepay campaigns that will immediately turn your non-pay customers to EZPay/Prepaid. Our upgrades are done at the lowest rates.

We will also create customized retention based calling programs so you can see what is happening with your new starts, & correct issues. When you want the highest return w/your data, call & let me EARN your business!

Each member of our team is a professional salesperson. Customer Service + Expert Product Knowledge = Quality Starts. NewspaperTelemarketing.com employees go through extensive training on the features and benefits of YOUR newspaper in addition to rigorous sales and customer service training. This means all operators will know your guaranteed delivery times, your billing methods, the special sections in your newspaper, how your paper is different from the competition, and whatever else is necessary to represent your product in the most effective manner possible.

Over half of the employees here at Impact are college educated intern students from either Chico State or Butte Community college. This means they have a grade riding on the success of your telemarketing campaign. Your newspaper is required reading here at NewspaperTelemarketing.com. Each day your account manager will read through the online version of your paper. We feel strongly that in order to sell your paper effectively, we must not only read it, but also know it.

We want to sell the great benefits of your paper, and that is selling that will lead to great retention.

Give us call, I'm confident we can do wonders for your circulation.

Serving your customers one phone call at a time.

- Chris Howell -

Our Services

Free Outbound Telemarketing Setup

All of our outbound telemarketing programs include free scripting, free data acquisition, free new movers and new homeowner acquisition, free campaign setup, free detailed reporting and ask about our no obligation test!

Telemarketing Services

  • Cold Calling
  • New Resident Campaigns
  • Stop-Saver Campaigns
  • Upgrade Campaigns
  • Paid In Advance Orders / EZ-Pay Orders
  • Non-Pay to EZ-Pay Conversions
  • And ANYTHING else you can dream up!

We specialize in Newspaper Telemarketing. All programs are personalized to your newspapers' needs.

All of our outbound telemarketing programs include free script development. One of the key ingredients to a successful outbound telemarketing campaign is the quality of your script. We have compelling scripts that will motivate the customers to act and pay.

We have grown to be a well respected newspaper telemarketing company by building long-term relationships with our clients, we have been doing this since the late 80's! We want your program to succeed as much as you do, and we bend over backwards to make it happen!

Over the years, we have completed outbound newspaper telemarketing campaigns for virtually every type of promotion imaginable. We know what offers work, and what offers do not.

Our staff may be the only representative of your newspaper that the customer ever speaks with. That places a huge responsibility on the us, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our call center is located next to a major university for a reason: To ensure that the quality and education level of our representative (which is ultimately your representative) is the best that it can be. You have our guarantee that our agent to supervisor ratio will always be less than eight agents assigned per supervisor.

We conveniently archive all of your subscription orders, reports and invoices on a secure, password protected page on our website. Should you need to look at a report from two months ago, simply log on to our site and you'll find it there.

We pride our success on the knowledge and experience of our newspaper telemarketing. We are never shy about making suggestions and recommendations we feel will improve your results. Once the calling begins, we carefully analyze the feedback and results. Sometimes a program needs to be tweaked. Sometimes just minor changes are needed - other times we will completely change an offer. We will provide you with the flexibility to quickly and easily change your program on the fly.

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